GPC provides far more than precision sheet metal fabrication and finishing for our tanks, enclosures, trailers, and containers. In addition to welding, metal cutting, and machine shop services, we provide a number of services that add value to our final products. From load bank testing to witness testing, GPC administers a range of tests that ensure the functionality of your standby power system. Air flow calculations and sound pressure levels are precisely calculated to maximize design efficiency. Rendering images of these designs provides our customers with a detailed image of the final product before it is built. Contact GPC to discover how these services add immeasurable value to the purchasing experience.

IBC Certification

Using finite element analysis, GPC designed and manufactured components that performed on a level achieving IBC certification. With a growing number of regions requiring this certification, it was imperative that GPC diversify our product line accordingly. So, if your genset is residing in an earthquake prone region, let GPC’s team of experienced engineers expertly design the most reliable product in the industry.

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Field & Factory Testing

Performance and reliability are extremely important to us in our day to day operations. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that our products are tested in every relevant area. Our tanks are subjected to pressure testing to ensure functionality and durability. Our enclosures are designed and tested to meet expectations in regards to air flow, internal and external static pressures, and sound pressure levels.

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Many of the crisp, clean images that are depicted throughout this website were created in Solid Works through rendering. This feature allows us to take a model of a tank, enclosure, trailer, etc., and transform them into realistic depictions. It appears as though the product was manufactured, built, and then a photo was taken of the product. This concept allows us to present our customer with an anticipated image of the final product, thereby reducing the gap between the perception of the product’s final image and the reality of it. We find that our customers like to know exactly what they are receiving.

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Often times, there is a great deal of uncertainty when engineers and designers model a new product for a customer in our industry.· Variables range from sound attenuation to lifting capacities.· It is important to consider all factors to ensure that the optimal product is ultimately conceived, manufactured and built. GPC recently partnered with CVT Corporation and outfitted them with a package for the first mechanical variable drive transmission. We ran countless iterations to produce this fully functional model.

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If it’s the details of our warranty you are seeking, then you have come to the right location. Discover what our warranty covers and how we can help expedite the process of restoring your product. GPC takes great pride not only in manufacturing our products, but in their performance in the field. The performance of our products distinguishes us from our competitors, as does our warranty. Check it out.

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