UL 142

UL 142

GPC has extensive experience in designing and building custom engineered UL 142 fuel tanks. These tanks are made from structural steel and coated with an acrylic urethane enamel paint to create a leak-proof, long-lasting reserve. They can be designed in several ways depending on their application. Whether it needs to be free standing, single wall, or sub base, we can design a tank to meet your needs.

Sub Base UL-142

This type of sub base tank is used as a primary or secondary means of fueling the power source. This tank follows all UL 142 specifications and is sold in a secondary containment or closed top diked style.

Sub Base Day Tank UL-142

A Sub Base Day Tank UL-142 is a fuel tank that is designed to place a generator, enclosure, or frame on top of it. The tank meets UL 142 specified guidelines. It is equipped with an inner tank that uses a pumping system to draw fuel from a remote, larger tank.

Day Tank UL-142

The Day Tank UL-142 is not designed to carry the load of a generator or enclosure. The tank meets UL-142 specifications and can be sold in double wall secondary containment, close top diked, and open top. The tank contains a pumping system and a pumping controller to regulate fuel flow to the generator. Other options include float switches, reverse pumps, hand prime pump, and much more. GPC will customize your day tank package to accommodate your specifications.

Free Standing UL-142

Free Standing UL 142 tank is not designed to carry the load of a generator or enclosure. Rather, it stands remotely from the unit it fuels. This tank is ideal for holding a substantial amount of fuel. The tank follows UL 142 specifications.

Single Wall UL-142

A Single Wall UL 142 tank is not designed to carry the load of a generator or an enclosure. It is similar in construction to the double wall UL 142 day tank. However, it is built in a single wall format. The tank meets UL 142 specifications.

25 PSI Rated

This heavy-duty tank is manufactured with a thicker steel and more baffles to survive a 25 PSI rated test. As one of the strongest tanks we produce, there is no job or site that this tank cannot endure. It is available in free standing or sub base designs. If you need an indestructible tank, look no further.