Special Use


GPC can diversify the product line for special applications. Need a tank for a container? We can build that. Need a tank to sit inside a trailer? We can build that. Need a custom Non-UL tank? We can build that too. Call us to see how we can design a tank for your specific application.

Custom Non-UL

A Custom Non-UL tank does not necessarily meet the specifications of a UL certified tank. This tank has applications in many fields. For example, a tank used at an oil drilling site would likely fall into this Custom Non-UL category.

Trailers Tanks

A Trailer Tank follows similar guidelines to a UL 142 tank. However, the venting on the tank is removed and replaced with special DOT approved venting provisions that help mitigate fuel loss in the event of a rollover.

Container Tanks

A Container Tank is usually designed to meet the air flow or size specifications required of the container. Containers can be 20′, 40′, or 53′ in length so the size of the the container tank largely depends on the size of the container.