UL 2085 Fire Rated


UL 2085 is a double-wall, fire-protected fuel storage tank which features an inner steel tank with a unique lightweight thermal insulation material that exceeds the 2-hour fire rating. UL 2085 fire rated tank insulates the product in the tank from ambient temperature variations. UL 2085 is listed as a “Protective” and “Fire-Resistant” tank.

Day Tank UL 2085

The Day Tank UL 2085 is not designed to carry the load of a generator or enclosure. The tank meets UL·2085 specifications and is sold in double wall secondary containment. The tank contains a pumping system and a pumping controller to regulate fuel flow to the generator.

Sub Base UL 2085

A sub base UL 2085 tank is designed to set a generator or enclosure on top of it. It follows UL 2085 specified guidelines while adding an additional provision for fire protection.

Free Standing UL 2085

A Free Standing UL 2085 tank is not designed to carry the load of a generator or enclosure. Rather, it stands remotely from the unit as it fuels. This tank is ideal for holding a substantial amount of fuel. The tank follows UL 142 specifications and adds an additional provision for fire protection. Depending on the application, this system includes a supply pump, controls, float switches, and more.