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At Global Power Components, we take great pride in providing a customized enclosure that meets customer specifications on every level. Our experienced design team ensures that integral factors like sound attenuation, pressure levels, and air flow velocities are mathematically calculated to achieve the number that provides peak performance in all aspects of the genset. Our state of the art testing equipment verifies this information before being sent to the customer so we have the comfort of knowing that the genset will operate efficiently and effectively in its environment. These are the details we have mastered and it's this attention to detail that keep our customers coming back.


Weather House

Weather House EnclosureThe weather house enclosure is simply designed to protect the generator from inclement weather. This enclosure does little to reduce sound pressure levels. Standard features include a roof mounted or internal exhaust silencer, hinged locking doors, and fixed or motorized louvers. Accessories and options are available ranging from electrical to hardware. Add DC light packages,load banks, door hold back hardware, and much more. Call us to customize an enclosure package that fits your needs. 








Level 1 - 4

GPC offers Level 1-4 EnclosuresA Level Enclosure is designed to reduce sound pressure levels by a certain dBA.


Level 1 (8 dBA reduction)  

Level 2 (17-22 dBA reduction)  

Level 3 (25-30 dBA reduction)  

Level 4 ( 30-35 dBA reduction)

Level 4+ (custom dBA reduction)






Acoustically Stealth®

Innovative Acoustically Stealth EnclosureUnseen and unheard. GPC's cutting edge Stealth Enclosure is designed to achieve both. This technologically advanced design deviates from the standards in the industry to provide our customer with a smaller footprint. Its subtly sleek design is the first of its kind·and provides exceptional sound attenuation.·Its design is such that the components can be adapted in various ways to achieve specific sound requirements for specific environments. This enclosure is distinctly GPC and it is what keeps us an innovation leader.








Switch Gear

Switch Gear Enclosure

Paralleling two generators to maximize output generally requires an electrical set-up that exists outside the units. This calls for a switch gear enclosure to protect those components from the elements. GPC has extensive manufacturing experience in this arena. Call GPC today to discuss what options are necessary for your enclosure. 










Custom Use

Custom Use Enclosure

The need for a quality engineered enclosure applies to far more applications than just generators.·GPC has carved out a niche in providing custom built enclosures for various applications in the power-generation industry. Ranging from switch gear to synchronous static compensation units, GPC has the unique ability to deliver on a wide range of enclosure applications. Call GPC today with your custom-built request. 


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